Fast and smart delivery in the food sector

Supplying supermarkets or delivering food such as barbecue packages to people’s homes is quite an organization. What is the most suitable moment within routes to replenish products such as herbs, cakes or sweets on the shelves in the supermarket? And are people at home when you bring your complete catering or barbecue with accessories? You want to arrange appointments for this in a customer-friendly manner and preferably as soon as possible.

Have you planned all appointments? And then the challenge to create optimal routes to deliver all addresses efficiently. You want to be able to make this logistics planning with 1 push of a button. Of course you keep your customers informed with a track and trace system. Complicated? Expensive? No, it is not. Very easy with Bumbal!

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Scheduling supermarket supplies

Planning to deliver food products to supermarkets is a time-consuming task. That is known. Companies that encountered the same issue in this sector are, for example, Gulden Krakeling, NewBahar and Migrohal. Gulden Krakeling supplies a wide range of biscuits to various supermarkets. The company started integrating Bumbal a while ago. They have several vehicles of their own and some things were still done manually. This made planning a difficult task. This is a thing of the past now that they team up with Bumbal. You can read more about this case here. NewBahar has also started to use Bumbal. The company sells spices to supermarkets. A world opened up for them now that they no longer schedule manually, but automatically. The automatic planning in combination with the Bumbal APP saves a lot of time and is efficient. Check out the solution Bumbal provides for the company.

supermarkt bevoorraden levering plannen

Planning, for example, BBQ and catering delivery

Bumbal’s software has been specially developed for SMEs and for smart delivery. Also for companies that deliver food and catering such as barbecue packages at home. Whoever organizes this with Bumbal will stop wasting time, kilometers and paper. A sustainable choice that simultaneously improves the customer experience. Rita Bringt’s and BBQenzo are already working with Bumbal. Read their experiences!


Goos Horeca about smart delivery with Bumbal:

“If you put the customer first, want to work more efficiently and transport sustainably, Bumbal is the ideal solution. Even if you drive 2 or 3 cars, working with Bumbal is already interesting.”

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More sustainable and smart delivery

With Bumbal’s smart software you can immediately save time and kilometers. As a food supplier, you ensure that your products are delivered at the right time at the right place. Too often there is a delay or late delivery that could have been avoided. Appointments that are not well planned or because no efficient routes were planned. Bumbal solves this! You schedule the deliveries to customer automatically (very customer-friendly!) and the software then creates the best routes itself. Saving many kilometers and therefore also money and time. Not only planning is easier and faster, but it is also a more sustainable way of doing business! Together with our partners, we want to stop waste in the food sector delivery and together become more aware future proof entrepreneurship.

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