Online appointments software

With Bumbal online appointments software, your customer himself in a recognisable environment simply makes the appointment for delivery or your home-service. The fact is, making these appointments with customers is no easy matter. It is often difficult to make contact quickly and subsequently, you want to fit the appointment logically into the transport planning. With the optionally appointments software your customer himself chooses a preferred time-slot for delivery. The smart Bumbal software only offers options to the customer that fit efficiently into the planning. The fact is, that the planning algorithm calculates everything beforehand and takes into account current transport planning and the impact of stops. Is a ride full? I that case, the software no longer offers the option in the customer portal.

If so desired, outside the planning algorithm, you can also make day-region divisions. We call this service windows. In this manner you can divide the available vehicle capacity (rides), the way you want. Per service window, you can directly set matters such as, how far forward a customer can look in the schedule, the type of time-slots and up till what time the following day is still offered as an option, in a very easy way. So, with these service windows you yourself keep control of the schedule.

Better customer experience with Appointments Software

With the optionally Bumbal appointments software, you automatically, by email or SMS, invite customers to make an appointment and to state a time preference. Via this invitation the customer arrives in your personalised – and therefore recognisable – customer portal, supplied with your company logo and your own texts.


Personalised customer portal

With the online Bumbal software for making appointments, your customer automatically receives a confirmation email or SMS on whether the data have been received. Bumbal online automatically plans the preference and makes a provisional (pencil) planning. Now it is the task of the transport planner to check the provisional planning, if necessary, adapt it and convert it into the definitive planning. If so desired, the Bumbal software automatically sends a message of the definitely planned ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). This immediately starts the track & trace . Optionally, you can also send the customer a link to the ETA portal that makes it possible for the customer to call up the latest expected time of arrival on the day of delivery.

Extra plus points personalised customer portal

For the NAR (name – address – residence) data, Bumbal automatically checks whether the address can be found, a so-called geolocation check. The fact is, that the planning algorithm needs a correct geolocation to be able to plan. This check takes place in 3 steps: the Bumbal own database, public databases and Open Street Map and Google maps material. If for an address no geolocation can be found, an alert is given. In addition, the customer himself can adapt the address in the customer portal, if necessary. So, via the NAR check, you always have the correct location available.

Within the customer portal, there is optionally the possibility to ask the customer via a question path (questionnaire) what the unloading situation is like for delivery, for instance, ground floor or upper floor. Or wat additional services may be required (for instance, installation or packaging return). The answers to these questions are processed in Bumbal and, can if necessary, directly be transmitted to linked (ERP/bookkeeping/TMS) systems. In this way you always arrive on location well prepared.

The essence of the customer portal is the choice of date and time-slot. The customer beforehand receives filtered and calculated options, that are available within the current planning. The time-slot options are sorted and represented on date in blocks of 5 possibilities. If in the first series there is no suitable time-slot for the customer, the customer can quite easily call up the next available options. You can also set, whether the customer must select 1 or more options.

Saving with Appointments Software

With Bumbal appointments software you efficiently plan appointments and save on customer service time and costs. All this, while the customer experience is maintained and is even strengthened. Research has shown that for home-delivery, 84% of customers like to make a choice of time of delivery and other online appointments.