Delivering furniture

Bumbal transport software is the pre-eminent solution for the delivery of big packages, such as furniture. The furniture branch is on the move and profits from the amount of houses sold. As is the case in all branches, everything has to be done faster. The customer demands more service, also in the case of home-delivery of furniture.

Delivering furniture becomes easy

Bumbal furniture transport software is easy to use. Optionally, you can also let customers schedule the delivery appointments online, whereby it always fits efficiently into your running planning and the software schedules the appointment automatically and makes the ideal planning. And customers follow the furniture via track and trace. On top of that the software is affordable! Bumbal transport software was specially developed for wholesale traders, retailers, e-tailers, production companies and service organisations with their own vehicles. Bumbal can easily be linked to other, existing systems (ERP/TMS). Delivering furniture is quite easy with Bumbal.

Table du Sud full of praise about Bumbal in trade magazine Meubel+

Furniture manufacturer Table du Sud in Heeze profits from the right software for registration and execution of the ever-increasing number of orders. Meanwhile, the company works with Bumbal software modules and in that way not only makes further gains in efficiency but also saves a lot of time and costs.

Teun runs the company together with his brother Evert. At the end of 2014, the two started in their parents’ garage making and selling small bar tables. In no time, five per week were sold via online marketplaces. Meanwhile, every week, a hundred to a hundred and twenty tables are selling like hot cakes. Table de Sud delivers the tables with their own transport throughout the Netherlands to private persons and also to business customers. In April 2018, the implementation of Bumbal at Table du Sud was started.

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