Sustainable entrepreneurship

Less CO2 emission

Who does not want to run a business more sustainably? By planning rides and routes smartly, you can save not only money every day. Save for yourself: in time, kilometres and paper and, consequently, money. But at the same time you also save CO2 emissions. Every day a little, means a considerable saving at the end of the month and an enormous saving at the end of the year! On average, Bumbal users save about 25% on planning time and 5% on kilometres driven.

Suppose, we all of us together, save a little CO2 every day?…


5 percent fewer kilometres alone, on the basis of the assumption of an average fuel consumption of 10 kilometres to 1 litre (for a mixed deployment of trucks, buses and cars) coupled with the emission figures of CE Delft and Climate Neutral Group, this means an average CO2 reduction of almost 8 tonnes per Bumbal user per year.  With 175 users in 2022, you then arrive at a 1.200 tonne CO2 emission reduction per year, this equals 60,000 trees. That is a very nice amount, but with the number of Bumbal users growing by an average 35% per year and ever more smartness in the Bumbal planning algorithm, we are going to see to it, that together we are going to have a real impact. Will you join us?

Our ambition: stopping waste

We have a clear ambition. Namely stop wasting time, kilometres and paper. So, by spending less planning time, driving fewer kilometres and printing less paper, you also directly save on CO2 emissions. In 2025, we want to have reached the point where we annually emit a minimum 3.000 tonnes less CO2. To be able to achieve this, we want to have accomplished the following saving in 2025:

> 200.000 hours of planning time

Planning and organising appointments with customers for delivery and service on location, takes time. And after this the planning still has to made… This can be done quickly and easily with Bumbal.  And in this way, together, we quickly save 200.000 hours per year!

> 10 million kilometres

Every day, an entrepreneur who has his vehicles drive via a Bumbal route, saves a considerable amount of kilometres. And in this way, all of us together, if everything is all right, save 10 million kilometres.

> 10 million A4 sheets of paper

By processing route schedules via the integrated drivers’ APP and sending packing slips for customers digitally via email, you save a lot of money. In this way, in 2025, we annually want to print 10 million fewer A4 sheets of paper.

Will you join us?

We can only achieve our ends, by cooperating with companies that want to operate sustainably too. Entrepreneurs that want to save money. So, do you provide services or deliver goods at an address where somebody has to be present? Then, contact us. By using smart software, it is easy to realise these aims!

Bumbal finds its origin in nature. Bumblebees and honey bees pre-eminently stand for a sustainable world. They cooperate organically and smartly and solve complex transport problems via the traveling salesman principle. Bumbal is based on this too. So, clever by nature!