Improve customer experience

Invest in customer journey

Saving money and at the same time investing in the customer experience. Whoever does not want to do this? Planning appointments for a time of service or delivery on location is often a difficult process. You call the customer at a moment that is not convenient. The appointment you plan, later on turns out not to be convenient for the customer and after you have finished your planning, you still have to change an appointment somewhere.

With Bumbal you can optionally offer the customer the freedom to plan the service or delivery visit themselves at a moment that suits him or her. The customer receives an automated invitation by email (and/or SMS), in the recognisable house style of your company. Via a link a portal opens with the same recognisable logo. In this digital, familiar environment, the customer can – with all schedules at hand – calmly consider what day suits best. Or even more specifically: what exact timeframe.

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Track and trace

When all rides have been definitively planned, (the day) before delivery or service visit, an automated track and trace link is sent by email or SMS. Here a specific time window of delivery is indicated. This is determined on the basis of the time planned rounded off by a quarter of an hour and a margin to be set of, for instance, half an hour or hour before and after the moment of delivery. And on the day of delivery, the customer can subsequently call up the latest expected time of arrival via the ETA link sent. Bumbal then automatically calculates, on the basis of the position of the driver at that moment, which is registered via the Bumbal drivers’ APP, the time of arrival at the address of the customer concerned.

Good communication is the best way to prevent confusion. And with the correct status updates via SMS and/or email, you also increase the chance that the customer is at home.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and better customer experience go hand in hand

When striving after our mission, it is at the same time quite well possible, to improve the customer experience. We want to make the world more sustainable and at the same time make people’s lives easier. Stopping wasting time, kilometres and paper helps both you as an entrepreneur and your customer.

The appointments the customer can choose from always fit into the current planning. The fact is, that Bumbal beforehand calculates the options for the customer. A location that is totally away from the route is not offered. So, the customer can choose from days and timeframes of a route that is logical. In this way you see to it that you always save on kilometres.

And via the integrated drivers’ APP, everything is recorded well. Times, particulars and if you want a digital signature and photos. You can also automatically send the customer, after delivery or service, a digital packing slip by email.

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