Save time, kilometres and paper

Our mission is stopping wasting time, kilometres and paper. We want to make the world more sustainable and people’s lives easier. That makes you happy. You as an organisation, your end-customer. And, of course, nature.

We want to achieve this by means of having our advanced software used on location by organisations that deliver themselves or provide service on location. Bumbal is easy to use and at the same time super advanced at the backside. Our solution is based on the clever and organic manner of cooperation of bumblebees and honey bees. The bumblebee solves complex transport problems via the traveling salesman principle. And our planning algorithm is based on this principle.

Save time

Last year, Bumbal users saved more than 70.000 hours of planning time. This time is particularly saved, because the planner’s work changes from ‘planning things himself’ to ‘monitoring that everything is fine’. This potentially reduces planning time by as much as 50%. The planner himself always remains in control of the planning, at any time, you can adapt the automatic planning according to your wishes. In addition, you can also save time on fine-tuning a suitable delivery time with your customer and keep the customer informed of the status.

Not only using less time is relevant. Manpower must also be used smartly. No unnecessary, troublesome and awkward phone calls and no puzzling by email. Troubling customers at the wrong moment and again having to change the appointment. Not if you are using Bumbal. The customer picks a moment that suits him or her. Without effort of the planner or customer service employee, where it always fits into the current planning.


Less wasted kilometres

Last year, users of the Bumbal software already saved more than 3,75 million kilometres due to better loading, more efficient routes and fewer no-shows. The smart software sees to it that every route is the most efficient route. As a result, you quickly and effectively drive fewer kilometres! And optionally, it is still possible for the customer the choose a time himself for the delivery or service. For the fact is, that Bumbal only allows the customer to choose from moments that fit in efficient routes in the current planning.


Saving paper

Finally, Bumbal users also saved no fewer than about 4,5 million A4 sheets of paper. This was realised because the route-schedules that are normally handed to the drivers on paper, are now completely digitally processed via the Bumbal drivers’ APP. Route-schedules are now also immediately real-time and interactive both for planner to driver for updates and for driver to planner on status and registration of ride and stops. In addition, paper has been saved because packing slips that were formerly left with the customer have now been completely digitally sent to the customer. Including signature and, if necessary, photos.

Bumbal supplies a smart solution at a fair price. Expensive hardware is not necessary. The transport software can be used at a low monthly payment per vehicle.