Track and Trace software

With Bumbal track and trace software you simply tackle one of the most common challenges in the transport branch. How do I provide my customer with an exact delivery time? On the one hand, not to arrive at a closed door or to arrive at an inconvenient moment, on the other, to further improve the customer experience. Formerly, data on delivery were only available after a couple of days. Namely, when the driver had handed in all papers. With Bumbal track and trace software this is a thing of the past. Our track and trace module enables you to communicate a very exact time of delivery with your customer, to process it with a digital packing slip by email and to start the after sales project directly.

But what is perhaps even more important: Bumbal track and trace is a part of a professional software package and as a result often more competitively priced than separate track and trace provisions.

Track and Trace software and ride registration

The combination of ride registration and track and trace makes the Bumbal drivers’ APP into the perfect partner for the driver. If appointments and planning have been completed, you transmit the set ride and stop data to the drivers, field service employees, mechanics, also linked to track and trace, with a push of the button. They get all the necessary information in the Bumbal drivers’ App, including all instructions. On the day of the ride, the driver records all relevant matters, think of:

  • Starting and end times of stops.
  • Remarks and/or particulars.
  • Customer signature.
  • Photos.
  • Possible variations at product or cargo level.

In this way, immediately after a delivery or service visit, all information is digitally available. Matters such as administration, digital packing slip (POD – proof of delivery) or any variations can be dealt with quickly.

track en trace software

How does it work?

The Bumbal track and trace module is the pre-eminent professional programme for the SME. But how does track and trace work?

After the appointments with customers have been made, and planning has been completed, customers are digitally informed of the definitive planned time of delivery. The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)) is sent automatically via email or SMS. If so desired, you include a link (unique token) for track and trace. Via this track and trace link the customer himself can see, what is the estimated time of arrival. This time is also continuously updated on the day of the ride. By comparing the geo-polling of the driver’s smartphone or tablet (on which the Bumbal App runs), with the ride-planning, the customer gets a very accurate track and trace indication. Moreover, you automatically and proactively keep the customer informed of the latest status. All data are also available for the planner. If necessary, he can intervene correctively and inform the customer or have the customer informed in good time. Finally, you can also provide the customer with a digital packing slip, and if so desired also with a signature and a photo. This makes it possible to complete the whole process digitally.

Track and trace software.

Finally, with Bumbal track and trace software you can also make all kinds of relevant reports and exports (PDF, Excel and XML), with a push of a button. If so desired, you link the data via real-time interface with systems such as ERP and TMS. The Bumbal track and trace software and reporting environment has various standard reporting systems. For instance, think of loading lists, ride and activity lists (including stop times). But specific made-to-measure reporting can also be set up.