Try Bumbal 1 month free!

To try out Bumbal easily and without a lot of fuss, we now also offer a free test account.

In a short (online) 30 to 60 minutes’ live demo we show the possibilities Bumbal offers. After that you can immediately start testing our software, free of charge for one month! We immediately also offer a free online user guide and we help with the basic setup so that, well-prepared, you can enjoy Bumbal for a whole month! Moreover, during the test month, you can just normally mail or call our support desk.

How does it work?

During the test month you can  really experience what Bumbal has to offer to you. You can plan routes, test the drivers’ app and, of course, you have the track and trace module at your disposal so that you are always informed of the status of the rides that are on the road.

It is good to know that during the standard test month, there is as yet no active link with a core system such as an ERP/webshop/bookkeeping system/TMS/WMS. You cannot send SMS messages during the test month either. Setting up made-to-measure software is also only done after the free test month. If you nevertheless want to test including a link, that is possible and we are quite willing to help you in this. We even offer a 50% discount now on the standard Bumbal link. We offer no made-to-measure link during a test month.


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After 1 month free Bumbal

After the test month you are quite likely to be enthusiastic! Do you then want to keep on saving time, kilometres and paper with our smart software? In that case we will open your own Bumbal account. Subsequently, you can start using Bumbal under your own steam with the help of the manuals and instruction films that are available via the online Bumbal academy. Or, if required, we arrange online user training and offer made-to-measure implementation support. A made-to-measure implementation takes 2 to 4 weeks (depending on whether you want to activate a system link) and this includes the following:

  • preliminary investigation (recording the specific user settings, master data and business rules);
  • made-to-measure setup;
  • testing;
  • support going-live.

So, then Bumbal is completely ready to be used for your company. Optionally, during implementation, we also provide a link so that order information is automatically transferred to the Bumbal system and so that Bumbal can also automatically offer feedback information on planning and execution in the direction of the core system.


Request a free test month!

Do you want to avail yourself of the free test month? Fill in the contact form below and on the same day (on working days) you will receive a short (online) demo. After the (online) demo, within 24 hours, (on working days) you will receive the login for your test account and an invitation for a short online user training. So, in no time at all, you can start working with  Bumbal. Enjoy your test!

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