Catering industry deliveries

Saving on kilometres with Bumbal

Every day a lot of kilometres are covered for the delivery of food and non-food products to various catering companies. Would it not be nice if we could drive fewer kilometers and in that way reduce CO2 emissions? And what if you would not only save on kilometers, but also save a lot of time and also serve your customers better? That can be done. With Bumbal. Companies in this branch, already making use of Bumbal are: Goos Horeca, Kaars koffie, Multibier, Peeze, VanMenno and Dielissen.

The ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises


Bumbal is much used by small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies making use of the software save a lot of time, improve the customer experience and have become more aware of the way in which they are doing business. By starting to work digitally and by creating a more efficient route planning, our customers last year reduced CO2 emissions by more than 600 tonnes. Go Yellow and opt for Bumbal. Do you want to know how much your business can save? Do the check via our calculation module.

Goos Horeca on Bumbal:

“If you put the customer first, want to work more efficiently and want to transport sustainably, Bumbal is the ideal solution. Even if you only operate 2 or 3 cars, even then, working with Bumbal is interesting.”

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Super smart and easy to use

Before companies start working with Bumbal, they are often still working with paper. They indicate that they have no feeling for technology at all and therefore find it difficult to switch over to working digitally and to a paperless environment. Bumbal has taken this into account and has therefore developed an interface that is easy to use. Moreover, we help with starting up and are always ready to answer questions. Try our free demo and experience things for yourself.

Bumbal is not only easy to use, the software package is also quite affordable. We love an honest price and this does not need expensive hardware. We love a fair price and you do not need expensive hardware for this. On the contrary: you are going to save on costs. The smart route planner takes care of an optimum route and reduces unnecessary kilometres. Make a green choice.

Biggest wholesaler speciality beers goes yellow

Dutch company Multibier sells the largest assortment of speciality beers and they started looking for a faster and simpler way of delivering their products. Making a planning manually and according to fixed schedules. That is what Multibier always did until they got to know about Bumbal.

Bumbal offers Multibier the opportunity to deliver their speciality beers much more efficiently. After entering a couple of data, the software sets to work for the best and fastest route. This is not only more efficient, but it also saves an enormous lot of money and time.  No need to spend many hours on planning and unnecessary kilometers are avoided. Together with the Bumbal software we go for green. Bumbal clever by nature.

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