Delivering bikes

Home-delivery or service to customers?

People more and more often take to their bikes. In particular also electric bikes for longer distances. In a standard way, web shops offer home-delivery and ever more physical shops also opt for home-delivery. This as a company service. This is often accompanied by subscriptions for service and maintenance at home.

Organising home-delivery and service is a challenge. Certainly, with a limited number of delivery/service vans. Calling customers and answering calls and puzzling over what planning and route is fastest. It is often almost a day’s job to bring this off well. And last-minute changes even take more time to arrange everything properly. This can be done more easily. Home-delivery of bikes is an excellent service. Optimise customer experience even further with Bumbal.

Delivering bikes more easily and efficiently

Bumbal makes delivery of bikes and maintenance of bikes on location easier. By smartly and automatically organising appointments with customers and directly planning these automatically. An immediate advantage of Bumbal is, that for a delivery or service visit you also have a good digital registration. Completely with a customer’s signature and, if necessary, a photo of the delivery to make things complete. You have automatically updated the dossier in this way. With Bumbal you can even plan repeat visits, for instance, once a year, for maintenance on location for customers.

So, Bumbal saves a lot of work. And customers experience more service, because they themselves can choose a moment for delivery or service. The options available have been smartly calculated by Bumbal beforehand. Meanwhile, the customer is kept well-informed of planning and execution (track and trace). In this way, more time is left for selling bikes and giving advice.

Improving customer satisfaction when delivering bikes

Several bike shops and bike web shops already make use of Bumbal to full satisfaction. In addition to saving time and costs, the greatest plus point is “improving customer satisfaction”, according to our suppliers of bikes, scooters and e-bikes.

From our customer Fietsvoordelshop we received the following reaction:

“Thanks to Bumbal we are able to plan our routes for our delivery vans in such an easy way, that we did not even have to employ a planner for this. The interface is exceptionally user-friendly and if you should get stuck somewhere, there is always a most helpful support department at you service. In short: Bumbal is highly recommended!”.