Transport Planning Software

Making a transport planning can be a time-consuming puzzle. Certainly, if regularly last-minute extra delivery or service appointments have to be planned. And often it becomes clear afterwards that the final route could have been planned more efficiently. Bumbal transport planning software is the pre-eminent tool for the optimisation of route planning and an efficient transport planning. Also, if it is a matter of more services / rides over several days. You can (automatically) enter, plan and control transport activities. All relevant information and important characteristics are included in these activities. Think of things such as:

  • NAR (name – address – residence) data.
  • Opening times/window times.
  • Load and product particulars.
  • Specific (drivers’) instructions.
  • Specific particulars, such as, for instance “tailboard necessary” or “2-person distribution”.

plannen met bumbal is handig

Automated transport planning software

All activities (service appointments, loading moments and delivery appointments) are easily and manually planned for rides via the drag & drop principle or completely automatically. In a standard way, the automatic transport planning takes into account distance and time. In addition, the Bumbal transport planning software takes care of route optimisation by means of the characteristics that have been recorded for the activities and rides. The automatic planning directly takes into account matters such as type of vehicle and historical traffic information. In so desired, automatic planning also takes into account capacity restrictions (for instance, weight, cubic metres or amounts).

Route optimisation with transport planning software

The drawn-up route optimisation and transport planning are simply visually viewed on the basic planning screen, via map material (Google Maps and Open Street Map) and a digital planning board. You want to change something in a transport planning or route optimisation? No problem, you quite easily drag an activity from a drive, change the order of activities or between rides and, if so desired, you can have the transport planning re-calculated again for a new route optimisation. If the planning is satisfactory, you transmit the drive to the integrated Bumbal drivers’ App. In this way, on the day of delivery or execution, the driver or mechanic simply registers all relevant matters and continuously follows the progress of a ride.

No more complex ride planning in Excel

Within the Bumbal route optimisation you directly control your rides, vehicles and drivers. Matters such as vehicle characteristics, equipment, driver competencies, locations and availability are clearly recorded. You can manage availability here as a repeat-agenda function. This makes it possible to set your capacity sufficiently in advance. Route optimisation by means of the management of routes becomes child’s play in Bumbal. And, of course, you also profit from the possibilities to easily plan appointments and the services of track and trace.


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