Bumbal Calculation tool

Key figures

Bumbal indication one-off standard implementation costs

Standard implementation: (excl. customization of optional functions)

Standard Bumbal system interface: (Optional)

Bumbal Monthly Fee

Basic subscription: (incl. scheduling automatically)

Appointments: (Optional)


Bumbal savings p/m

Saving customer service time:

Saving planning time:

Improving transport efficiency:


You save potential per month net.

Bumbal Software can save a year of yield!

You can request a demo without obligation.

The savings are partly calculated on the basis of the following principles:

  • Time saving per appointment: 1 minute
  • Time saving planning: 25%
  • Time saving transport: 2,5%
  • User fees are based on: Basic subscription and pay-per-use fees for automatic appointments

Rates apply to standard implementations excl. customization of optional functions and are based on using standard Bumbal system interfacing. For a system interface based on a non-Bumbal standard or a full system integration, different rates may apply. Minimum monthly fee is €40 (basic subscription version incl. automatic planning), also with no active vehicles.