Electronics & white goods

Delivering electronics and white goods is quite a bit easier with Bumbal. It is no longer necessary to waste a lot of hours making delivery appointments and a complicated route planning. No more disappointing experiences for customers, because the driver did not turn up on time and no more unnecessary kilometers. Your company enters some data into the Bumbal system and the smart software does the rest!

Improving customer satisfaction by means of smart delivery software

Customers themselves choose a suitable delivery time via the online appointment planner. The options the customer is shown have previously been selected for an efficient route planning. The customer is only offered time slots by the system that fit well into the route planning. Does an option not fit in the route? In that case the customer cannot choose it. The software knows how much time it takes to deliver one order and, if necessary, install it. In this way the planner creates the best route and drivers can be sure to reach the next customer on time. Sometimes traffic-jams throws a spanner in the works and a bit more time is needed. No problem. The customers can follow the delivery driver and the electronics and white goods ordered via a track and trace. If it still takes a bit longer, the track and trace automatically adapts and the customer is immediately informed.


EP Tummers on Bumbal:

“I no longer have to worry about it. Everything is fully automatic.”

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EP Tummers saves time, kilometres and paper with Bumbal

EP Tummers sells consumer electronics. First, EP Tummers worked with an Excel list and the expected times per delivery or service activity were estimated. But EP Tummers expanded considerably and as a result this method of operation was no longer an option. Every day, the company makes many appointments with customers for the time of delivery. Several drivers, vans and therefore several routes deliver the various sorts of products. To plan all this as efficiently and optimally as possible, they have joined forces with Bumbal. With the help of the smart delivery software everything works out seamlessly. EP Tummers can implicitly trust this intelligent system. The company wants to offer the customer total peace of mind by delivering the products to the customer’s home and installing everything completely. Of course, a good communication is important here!

Bumbal plans faster and more efficiently than a human being. By entering some data, in no time, you have a complete route planning in front of you. Fast, efficient and time-saving. On top of that, by reducing unnecessary kilometres, it is also an environmentally aware planner!

Do you want to save kilometres and time, just like EP Tummers? Do the check and see what you can save for your company. We have developed a tool with which you can calculate this quickly and simply.

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ep Tummers bezorgt aan huis met bumbal