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The idea

From a conversation with a daughter to much-used software

A couple of years ago, one of the Bumbal initiators was explaining to one of his daughters about the work he did in the logistics sector. It struck her that there were so many trucks and vans on the road. And she asked the well-known children’s questions. “Why are so many trucks driving around? And where are they all going?” She got the logical explanation that they all carried different things, such as furniture, bikes, TV sets and toys. And that these things come from all sorts of places and have to go to all sorts of shops, companies and people. It was also explained to her that almost half of these trucks were in fact driving around empty. “Empty”?, she said astonished. “But why are so many driving empty?” Then the realisation came that strangely enough there really is no logical answer to that question. What a waste. So, this is one of the greatest challenges in logistics. This must be done differently!




The partners of Bumbal

Bas Holland Partner Bumbal bezorg software

Bas Holland

I want to make the world more sustainable with easily accessible innovation. And that is possible with our smart transport software solution, with which we really make a difference. Both for the (SME) entrepreneur and for the climate. I would be happy to show everyone the possibilities without obligation!

Stijn Vos Partner Bumbal logistieke software

Stijn Vos

My drive is to get people moving to realize meaningful solutions. I have extensive experience in the logistics industry and know what is going on. And thus, also what can be done better! With our team, I therefore work on practical, innovative, smart solutions on a daily basis.

Mortada Abdul Roda

I like to solve complex problems by making innovative techniques widely accessible. As a lead developer I see the possibilities of technology. I like to translate the practical question into an easy-to-use application.

Time for change

So, the Bumbal smart software found its origin in the fact that at present almost 50% of transport is still driving empty. This cannot be reconciled with the enormous challenge we are faced with in the field of climate change. It is our experience that a lot of transport planning and ride planning software is available. But this software is often complicated and rather expensive. With Bumbal it also becomes possible for the SME entrepreneur to fight waste. With this smart software you save time, kilometres and paper and you immediately improve the customer experience. The Bumbal team now consists of more than 25 people who work hard every day to further develop the software and to make users happy.

Clever by Nature

Bumblebees and honey bees are not just flying around, searching for some pollen. Within a couple of test flights they decide on the optimum(shortest) route and immediately share this information with the whole colony. As a result of this smart manner of operation, they save enormous distances and therefore also much time and energy. This cleverness from nature is also called the traveling salesman principle. The algorithm in our software also operates in this way and to this we have added other useful functions so that it also works simply, to the point and particularly fast.

So, the name Bumbal and the logo were consciously chosen. Bumbal is derived from Bumblebee. We have emphatically chosen a happy bumblebee, because our software makes your work easier and that makes you happy!

Bumbal core values

Mission: stopping waste.

Vision: in future, no vehicle will be driving around without a purpose. By means of easy software, Bumbal takes care of perfect customer appointments and a grip on transport.

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