Transport Software

Bumbal is software for quickly and automatically planning transport and the best routes. And optional, for (automatically) making delivery appointments. Including track & trace. Bumbal transport software is the pre-eminent solution for SME. Affordable, easy to use and especially smart. Quite simply make the planning for several rides and several days.

And make automatic appointments with the customer for the time of delivery or service. They can only choose from time-slots that fit into efficient routes. Both customer and planner follow the status track and trace. And in the Bumbal App the driver registers the activities on route, including photos, signatures and irregularities, if any. Organise the perfect delivery this way. Improve the customer experience and at the same time save on costs.

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The plus points of Bumbal Transport Software

Making appointments with customers for delivery or service visits is not always easy. And while making the appointment, it is often not yet clear, what the transport planning will look like. With Bumbal you optionally organise appointments in less than no time. You invite the customer to make an appointment via email or SMS. Via a link the customer goes to an online portal. Here the customer himself chooses a preferred time-slot by means of options that were calculated by Bumbal beforehand. If so desired, these options can also be shown via a link in a checkout process of a web shop. Subsequently, Bumbal automatically takes care of a confirmation to the customer and the preference provided is directly processed in the planning.

With Bumbal transport planning software, everybody can make a transport planning efficiently and neatly arranged. It works simply and user-friendly without superfluous functionalities. A smart planning algorithm calculates everything super-fast while at the same time, in addition to stops and driving times, setting conditions and restrictions of orders and rides/services are also taken into account. And if anything changes in the planning? With one push of a button, you have arranged everything in no time.

The Bumbal transport software has a unique track & trace functionality. When appointments and planning have been made, with a push of a button, you transmit the set of data on stops and rides to drivers or field staff. When the planning has been completed, you can automatically inform the customer on the definitely planned time of arrival (so-called ETA) per email and/or SMS. Optionally, you can also have the customer, on the day of delivery or service, check on the latest expected time of arrival via a link to the ETA portal. This is presented in real-time. Moreover, all track & trace information of all vehicles is also centrally available for the planner and customer service. Finally, with our transport software, you make reports and exports (PDF, Excel and XML) of all track and trace info in the blink of an eye.

Bumbal is a SAAS (software as a service) solution, also see the link 100% SAAS. This means that as a planner or customer service operator, you have Bumbal at your disposal via the browser of your PC or laptop. As a result, the planning and status of the orders is always transparent. Via the Bumbal APP, to be used en route, all information is also available for driver or field staff and everything concerning execution can be registered. Because it is a SAAS solution, as an integral part of the basic subscription, you always receive all new functionalities and adaptations automatically. So, you are always up-to-date.

You pay a (once-only), low priced amount for the activation of your  Bumbal transport software account. You can start using Bumbal on your own with the manuals and instructions from the online Bumbal academy. Or you can choose that the software is specifically set-up to your company, including an online training. It is then delivered tailor-made and ready for use. The cost for using the software is based on a basic subscription per vehicle per month. This is a fair price and can be cancelled monthly. Do you temporarily have more or fewer vehicles? No worries, we adapt your subscription. For customer communication you can opt for the additional communication subscription and pay-per-use costs apply for the appointment option. If you do not use the options mentioned, you do not pay for them. Look for all information about rates on the tarifs page.

Affordable transport software for SME

Comparable solutions are often complex and expensive. With Bumbal, a delivery service, as is offered by big web shops, for instance, is now also within reach for SME. Bumbal transport software was especially developed for wholesale traders, retailers, web shops, production companies and service organisations (e.g., homecare or installation/maintenance) with their own vehicles. Both the total solution and all separate modules can quite easily be linked to other (ERP/bookkeeping/web shop) systems.

Bumbal appointments for Carriers

Carriers can also deploy Bumbal appointments as a separate module, linked to their transport management system (TMS). Organising delivery appointments (date and time), with customers then takes place automatically with a check on an efficient integration in current planning beforehand. Smart options for delivery or service results in a perfect customer experience and saves a lot of time!

Smart transport software for various branches

Deploying Bumbal transport software appears to be remarkably useful for various branches. For instance, for the delivery of furniture. Customers have to be at home for that. Just as in the case of the delivery of bikes or planning appointments for installation on location. Planning homecare is also easy with Bumbal transport software.