Garden sector delivery

Organizing a moment for delivery or service with your customers takes a lot of time and energy. That should be done faster, more efficiently and of course with the best experience and service for your customers. And the routes you drive can probably be much more efficient. At the same time, the customer demands more and more service such as track and trace and the right information.

Smart, easy and affordable delivery software

Most tools with which you can realise this are complicated and expensive. But Bumbal is different. Bumbal is the solution for the delivery with your own vehicles of, for example, garden furniture, lawn mowers, plants and playground equipment or service at any address. With Bumbal transport software you stop wasting kilometers, time and paper. And at the same time you improve the customer experience. Finally a smart, easy and affordable solution for SMEs.


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Timmermans Garden furniture about Bumbal

Bumbal fits in particulary well with SME wholesalers and retailers, web shops, production companies and service organizations such as home care and installation and maintenance companies. With Bumbal, entrepreneurs and organizations that serve the market with their own vehicles can save kilometers, time and paper while improving the customer experience. Bumbal’s three core functions are ideally suited to the garden industry:

  • automatically schedule rides and visits;
  • optional online and fully automated arrangement of appointments for delivery and service in a smart and always efficient way;
  • track & trace function.

User-friendly, efficient and affordable transport and delivery software.

With Bumbal you realize a perfect delivery at the touch of a button. Even when scheduling multiple trips and days. And if desired, there is the option to arrange delivery or service appointments automaticcaly. Customers can choose from time slots that fit into efficient routes, the options for customers to choose from are checked by Bumnal automatically in advance in the current – running planning. Thus it’s always a perfect fit. Both the customer and the planner can easily follow the status via track and trace. The driver registers the work en route in the integrated APP, including photos, signatures and any details if desired. Bumbal also fits in perfectly with the trend of online shopping, the combination of a physical store and a webshop.

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The garden industry can also stop waste.

With Bumbal you immediately save time, kilometers and paper and at the same time you can also save money. In our calculation tool you can immediately see what the possibilities are for your company. Of course it is also possible to immediately schedule an appointment for more explanation or a(n) (online) non-binding demonstration.

Our ambition is to be able to serve five hundred customers with the right personal attention by 2025 with a team of around 40 employees where customers rate Bumbal with at least a 4.5 on a scale of 5. If that succeeds, together with these customers we will realize a saving of approximately 200.000 hours of planning time, 10 million kilometers and 10 million A4 pages, equivalent to 1.000.000 liters of fuel annual. And with that we aim for reduced emissions of 3.000 tons of CO2, or 150.000 trees.


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