Delivering construction materials

At present more and more products are available online. Not only the consumer, but entrepreneurs also expect suppliers to have their web shops and deliveries to be in order. Just like clothing, electronics and other products, construction materials are nowadays also delivered to the customer after an online order. We all of us have less and less time, and we are accustomed to ordering products online.

In the construction business there is much pressure too, everything must go faster. And nothing is more annoying than workers that cannot go on with their work because the right materials are not available. By offering customers the possibility to order online and deliver on location, you offer that extra bit of service as a business that makes the customer happy.

This service does entail a challenge, though: namely, planning and organising the delivery. Customer service is working overtime due to customers calling to get information on their order. The planner is busy for hours to create the most efficient and fastest route. All this is time-consuming. This can be done much easier. Stop wasting time, kilometers and paper. Improve customer experience and with a single push of the button create the fastest route. Start delivering efficiently in the construction business with Bumbal software.

User-friendly logistics software for the construction sector

Delivering construction materials can be done simply and quickly with Bumbal.  With a single push of the button the intelligent software takes care of an optimum planning. Your company enters some data and the software does the rest. Customers are offered the possibility to choose from a number of time slots for delivery. The logistics software offers customers possibilities that fit into the fastest planning and customers make their choice from these. Subsequently, the customer receives a real-time track and trace so that they can keep an eye on the status of the delivery. The Bumbal software is linked to an APP used by drivers to register information and activities. If so desired, it is also possible to collect photos, signatures or other particulars in the APP.

A business that has joined forces with Bumbal is GewoonGers. This company sells steel doors in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The Bumbal software offers the possibility to the company to no longer spend hours on planning, but on doing what they like best.  Examples of other companies in the construction business that cooperate with Bumbal are Driessen verf, Bevela, VVBHUSAN, Horrentotaal, Mastermate, Veris – Bouwcenter, Colours & Coatings and Eszet.


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Affordable, time-saving and environment-friendly

Companies in the construction business are busy and then you do not want to spend hours planning deliveries. The Bumbal software has been developed to determine the fastest and most efficient route with one push of the button. Save time, kilometers and paper and focus on what you really like doing as a company.

But isn’t there a price tag attached? No, on the contrary, the Bumbal software will save on costs. We want to help other businesses stop wasting kilometers and this does not need prohibitively expensive software. We offer a fair price and the contract can be terminated monthly. This means that as a company you are not tied down to anything. Starting with some tens of euros per month you can set to work with Bumbal. You can easily calculate online what you are going to save.

Is your company active in the construction sector and do you want to be able to plan in a simpler and easier way? Make use of our demo. Completely free and without obligations. We work transparently and want to help other businesses to make a more efficient planning and to make more considered choices. Go Yellow. Clever by Nature!

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