Gulden Krakeling opts for an efficient planning algorithm from Bumbal

De Gulden Krakeling is the biscuit specialist in the Netherlands and supplies a wide range of biscuits to supermarkets. De Gulden Krakeling wanted to make it easier to plan deliveries using its own vehicles. In addition, the company was looking for a solution in which everything regarding delivery could be arranged completely digitally. And with which potentially more dynamic planning can also be done. De Gulden Krakeling recently started using the ExactOnline program and, partly in view of the standard integration between Bumbal and ExactOnline, Bumbal was a logical choice. Gulden Krakeling opts for Bumbal’s efficient planning algorithm.

Route optimization through efficient planning algorithm

The Bumbal software offers the possibility to plan completely dynamically, but you can also opt for a number of fixed route schedules. A few examples of this are: day-region schedules, vehicle characteristics and driver competences. Bumbal offers a good mix of fixed route schedules with continuous optimization through the efficient planning algorithm.

Bumbal as a supporting pillar

A big plus of the Bumbal software is the possibility to use the planning algorithm at your own pace. Planners thus have the opportunity to grow along with the program. Planners start with the current situation and can use the power of the planning algorithm step by step. The good thing is that the planner himself is in the drivers seat. The tools and the planning algorithm within the Bumbal solution have a supporting role. The planner is in control and can always make adjustments or implement changes in the route planning. With Bumbal, the Gulden Krakeling is therefore ready for the future in one go. Contact Interested in the possibilities of Bumbal, possibly in combination with ExactOnline, for delivery or service on location with your own vehicles? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu for a free and non-binding (online) demo or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form.

efficiënt planalgoritme