Standard Bumbal plugins for WooCommerce and Exact Online

Bumbal is linked with more than 30 TMS, ERP, web shop, and bookkeeping systems. In most cases, links have to specifically set up and activated. This takes time and budget, both for you as the customer and for Bumbal. Often the costs are easily foreseen and these investments are also always recovered quickly. The fact is, that a link requires far less input. We notice that a number of systems are starting to be used by more and more companies, such as, for instance, WooCommerce and Exact Online. Therefore, for these systems we create a standard link: Bumbal plugins.

From now on even more easier linking with Bumbal Plugins

To make the linking between Bumbal and some frequently used systems in future easier, faster and in some cases even free of charge, Bumbal creates a so-called plugin. This means that a standard, completely integrated Bumbal link is available free of charge that can be easily configurated with little technical effort. So, shortly, it will be possible to activate the link between Bumbal and WooCommerce and Exact Online in less than no time.

Smart Software keeps on improving and expanding

Bumbal has the ambition to start working via plugins with as many generic ERP and web shop systems as possible, that are suitable for this. In this manner we keep on improving and expanding our system. So, at the moment, plugins are already available for Exact Online (versions trade and production), and WooCommerce. So, if you are a user of one of these systems and you are looking for a smart solution for organising appointment or service appointments, automatic ride/route planning and track & trace incl. ride registration, there is no need to look any further.

Want to know more? Contact us at, call +31(0)13-511444 or send an email to Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu.