Smart delivery with Bumbal’s automatic trip and route planner

Newbahar went live with Bumbal in October 2021. Newbahar is a wholesaler specialized in spices. They deliver these herbs to the supermarket shelf. The representatives of the company deliver the herbs in the supermarkets to the shelves. Previously, the representatives were scheduled manually, which was quite a job. It was also difficult to monitor where the representatives were and where they could possibly still be deployed during the day. This planning job just got a lot easier with Bumbal’s automatic trip planner.

Automatic trip and route planner

Newbahar can automatically schedule multiple representatives over several days at any time. Last minute changes on a current day are also processed in no time. In addition, the automatic trip planner can easily see at any time the status of trips in progress and on which trips there may still be space available for extra (unexpected) stops.

Easy with the Bumbal APP

Another important element for Newbahar is that the representatives must be able to clearly register which herbs in what numbers they have added to the shelf. This is now digitally recorded directly in the Bumbal APP, including a photo and the correct numbers. As a result, the supermarket immediately receives a digital packing slip by e-mail of the herbs delivered in the shelf. Everything is immediately digitally registered and handled. Are you also curious about Bumbal’s smart software? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu  for a free and non-binding (online) demo or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form at www.bumbal.eu/contact.