Shortage of drivers | Logistics software is the solution

There is a clear trend of staff shortages across the board, including in transport and logistics. In particular drivers. According to an article on nu.nl, we are even short of 22,000 drivers in the Netherlands. All signals indicate that this staff shortage will not be solved just like that. There will certainly be economic peaks and troughs and shortages will be more noticeable in one company than in another. The fact remains that we will be structurally short of people.

Staff shortage in the logistics sector

It is important for the long term that the current workforce (of drivers, planners and customer service employees) is deployed in a smarter way. Achieving more with the same people. Automation is a good solution to deal with the problem of ‘labour shortage’. A good investment for the future. But with software that is easy to use and affordable. Bumbal’s transport software can then be a suitable solution.

Is logistics software the solution for you?

In practice it appears that with Bumbal you can drive up to 10% more efficiently and save up to 50% of the planning time. Calculate the potential savings yourself using the Bumbal calculation tool.

Calculate savings

In the calculation tool we assume a conservative saving of 2.5% on transport and 25% on planning time. With the logistics software you not only save time and kilometers, so that you can deploy staff more efficiently. Customers are also (automatically) informed about the status and, if desired, you can even organize delivery or service appointments automatically. This also saves time for the planner or customer service employee. Finally, you can start working completely digitally. This way you save time in entering information from paper into systems. All in all, a logistics software solution like Bumbal offers a robust and future-proof basis to get more out of your existing staff. Or perform the same work with less staff.

Are you experiencing a structural staff shortage? Perhaps Bumbal can do something about this to do more with the same workforce? Please contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu for additional (online) explanation or non-binding demo or call 0031 13-2201600. Or fill in the contact form.

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