Bumbal transport planner system links

Almost all Bumbal users choose to link Bumbal transport planner to their own core system. Software systems such as ERP, accounting, TMS (Transport Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System), webshop or CRM. In this way, order information is easily sent to Bumbal, preventing manual input. Fully automatic, smart and fast!

Automated Bumbal transport planner

Depending on the type of system link, information can also be send back from the Bumbal transport planner to the core system. Automated again! Think for example of planned date and time, but also things that drivers register in the Bumbal drivers APP. The type of coupling that can be realized together with Bumbal is listed below.

  • API (Application Programming Interface) incl. dashboard with which users can monitor the data flow between the 2 systems;
  • Plugins (runs in the core software of the customer itself, which is then automatically linked to the Bumbal API);
  • XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

The first 2 types of links can also process data in real time. For example from status changes. An XML link works on the basis of the periodic automatic processing of (order) files. Bumbal is currently linked to nearly 50 core systems. These are partly custom system links, but Bumbal also has standard system links, including:

  • Exact online (via Exact APP store)
  • Vendit AFAS
  • Quick start
  • Lightspeed
  • CCV shop
  • Business Central
  • Data line Customs
  • Colin Woocommerce (= plug-in)
  • Magento (= plug-in).

More about our partner systems can be found here.

Would you like to know more about our (standard) system links or how Bumbal can best be linked to your core system? Please contact the Bumbal support desk: support@bumbal.eu / 013-511444.