Renewed planning userinterface of Bumbal software on the way

Behind the scenes we have been working for a while to develop a completely new Bumbal web user interface. The technology we use for the renewed planning screen will ensure that we can add new functions for our customers much faster and more robustly. This allows us to better keep up with our growth rate and, above all, to make it even easier for the user to enjoy working with Bumbal every day.

Renewed planning userinterface

The new user interface will soon offer additional functions such as more filter options, more and better insight into information about stops and journeys, unplanned activities visible in map material and much more, which makes the life of planners and customer service employees a lot easier. In the coming weeks we will start with the first test group in which the testers have the option of using the current and the renewed planning screens side by side. We will continue to expand this test group in the coming months and in the course of the first quarter of 2022 all Bumbal users will have access to the new user interface, after which we will switch completely to this new user interface in consultation.

Testers wanted

In the coming period we will keep you informed about all the great functions that the new user interface will offer. Would you like to be the first beta tester to get involved? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to support@bumbal.eu or call 013-220600.