Deliver specialty beers with Bumbal’s smart route planner

Multibier has decided to make progress in transport planning and is starting with Bumbal. Multibier is the largest independent specialty beer wholesaler in the Netherlands with the largest range of specialty beers. For more information, visit www.multibier.nl. Multibier supplies the beer with its own vehicles and at the moment the planning is done manually. This usually happens according to fixed schedules and based on certain habits. They want more efficient and smart route planning. Based on all these principles and after a selection process, Bumbal came out on top.

Smart route planning

Multibier wants to get a better grip on transport without affecting customer service. By using Bumbal’s software, Multibier will succeed in getting the transport in order. The software is easy to use for both the planner and the drivers. By means of the Bumbal APP, drivers can perform their work even better. The new technology makes more possible and it fits well with the operating systems of smartphones and tablets.

Easy planning for a fair price

With the Bumbal software, Multibier can efficiently plan in an instant and last-minute changes can be easily processed. In addition, they have much more insight into the status of a delivery. And that for a fair price. The smart route planner is not only efficient and convenient to use, but it also saves kilometers and paper. Make a conscious choice and join Bumbal’s network now. Make a green decision. Bumbal clever by nature. Are you also curious about Bumbal’s smart software? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu  for a free and non-binding online demo or call 0031-(0)132201600. Or fill in the contact form.