Planning software

Planning software ideal for delivery with own vehicles.

But isn’t that too expensive and complicated for an SME?

As an SME with its own vehicles, you usually plan delivery or service on location manually. And in principle there is nothing wrong with that. You divide the packing slips over routes and schedule them in the correct order based on experience or Google maps. In some cases, a handy Excel tool may be used or a simple APP that schedules the stops in an optimal order per trip. But planning can be much smarter with handy and affordable planning software.

Why an intelligent planning software?

Intelligent scheduling makes it possible to plan with less planning time, fewer miles and less paper. Besides the fact that you can save a lot of time and money, as a company you don’t want to be dependent on 1 or a few people when it comes to organizing delivery. That is too great a risk of failure. You actually want information about customers, orders and the classification of stops about trips and routes to be available digitally and up-to-date in a handy way. This can be done with advanced planning software and that does not have to be expensive and complicated.

Different from all other planning route APPs

Bumbal is the affordable solution for SMEs, you can master the planning software in no time and Bumbal can be used anywhere via your web browser. Also by several people within the company. Bumbal is different from other APPs because you can easily create the planning route with different (optional) settings. For example, think of:

  • automatic (re)planning, also over several days and/or several vehicles, whereby manual adjustments by the planner are always possible;
  • vehicle types (bicycle – car/van – box truck – truck;
  • specific window times;
  • zoning (for certain day-region formats);
  • specific stop and plan elements such as driver with co-driver, tail lift, assembly, etc.;
  • specific opening hours for business addresses at weekday level;
  • capacity planning (in addition to time and distance, capacity characteristics such as pieces, weight or loading meters can be used);
  • cost settings per trip;
  • etc.

Can be used from 1 vehicle

Bumbal’s advanced plan algorithm falls within the basic plan. It can be used from 1 vehicle, but also for larger vehicle fleets of up to 100 vehicles. In all subscriptions you also immediately have access to the integrated driver APP with which you can make all information about trips and stops (trip lists) immediately available digitally to your drivers. The drivers can digitally register various matters in the APP, so that you are always aware of the latest planning route and other updates.

Discover Bumbal now 1 month FREE

With Bumbal, advanced planning for SMEs is within reach, cheap and simple. Request a free online demo of the transport software here. Or start immediately with the free trial month. More information about this can be found here. For questions you can always contact Bas: bas@bumbal.eu | 06-13511444