Bumbal breaks the limit of 200 customers

Happy New Year! The year 2023 has started fantastically for Bumbal. We have reached the beautiful limit of no less than 200 customers who enjoy Bumbal’s intelligent transport planning every day.

International reach with transport planning

Bumbal’s customer network is growing and we have even made the first international steps. The majority of the customers are in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also Austria and even Curaçao. Bumbal transport planning software is suitable for every SME and can be used from one vehicle. Where our smallest customers have one vehicle, our largest customer has around 100 vehicles. We are very happy with all these beautiful customers!

Vision for the future and ambition for 2025

In the first Bumbal years, we worked hard to create a mature software product that companies like to use. In the past period, the focus has mainly been on manageability and scalability. For Bumbal users, the year 2023 is all about the new web and app environment with more user-friendliness and functions. So a big upgrade! Bumbal will continue to focus on existing customers and further growth in the Netherlands and Belgium in the coming period. In addition, 2023 will also be the year of preparation for growth in Europe from 2024. This mainly means that it will become even easier to start using the Bumbal planning software. The ambition is to have 500 happy Bumbal users by 2025, with which we have built an innovative platform and a sustainable company. View the sustainability goals for 2025 here. Do you want to join us on our journey? Or just want to know more about Bumbal? We are happy to tell! Feel free to call or email: 013-2201600 / info@bumbal.eu.