Sustainability aims 2025

Bumbal has a clear ambition: stop wasting time, kilometres and paper. To make this more tangible, we have concrete aims in the field of sustainability for 2025. We want to realise this by starting work with companies that deliver products or services at an address where someone has to be present. With the easy Bumbal software, these companies much more smartly organise delivery or service at every address.

The origin of Bumbal is to be found in nature. Bumblebees and honey bees pre-eminently represent a sustainable world. They cooperate organically and smartly and solve complex transport problems via the traveling salesman principle. Bumbal is also based on this. So, clever by nature!

Aims sustainability

For 2025 Bumbal sets the following aims:

  • Saving 200.000 hours of planning time: organising appointments with customers and setting up a planning takes a lot of time. This can be done faster and easier with Bumbal. Automatic planning, and optionally customers themselves, choose their ideal moment for delivery or service. Always within efficient routes and without it costing you time! In this manner, we save up to 200.000 hours per year in 2025!
  • Saving 10 million kilometres: with Bumbal you plan smart routes. Every day, a vehicle that drives via a Bumbal route, saves a considerable amount of time. The aim is saving 10 million kilometres per year in 2025.
  • Saving 10 million A4 sheets of paper: by means of processing ride-lists via the integrated drivers’ App, and by sending packing slips for customers digitally via email you save a lot of paper. In 2025 we want to print in this way 10 million fewer A4 sheets of paper.
  • Reducing 3.000 tonnes of CO2 emissions: by spending less planning time, driving fewer kilometres and printing less paper, you also save on CO2 emissions. In 2025 we want to have got so far, that we save a minimum of 3.000 tonnes annually.

The smart Bumbal solution curbs waste and contributes to a better climate. With Bumbal you easily save time, kilometres and paper and therefore also CO2 emissions. Do you want to work together with Bumbal for a sustainable world?  Go Yellow! Make contact via +31(0)13-2201600 or send an email to Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu

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