Conveniently delivering garden and park machinery

Keizers specialises in the field of garden and park machinery. These are machines, tools and related products for in and around garden and yard. They do home-deliveries with their own vehicles. Now that the gardening season is upon us again, Keizers wants to organise home-deliveries smartly and easily.

Delivering easily and organising home-service

The choice for their own vehicles came from the need to have more grip on visits to customers for delivery and service. And also from the fact that the capacity and the extent of service provision by existing carriers is not sufficient for bigger / outsize Keizers products.

Improving customer experience and saving time

Now is the moment for Keizers to start doing this themselves. The starting point here is to provide more service to the customer. For instance, by having the customer themselves choose a moment for Keizers to deliver. Subsequently, it is important to have the right information on the expected time of delivery to be automatically transmitted. And of course, they want to work with a digital packing slip.

By deploying Bumbal, Keizers can realise all promises made to the customer and at the same time deliver easily. They are saving on time when making appointments and when making an efficient ride/route planning. Bumbal is a perfect fit with the needs of Keizers, not only for the delivery of garden machines, but also later on during the winter period, for planning and organising service and maintenance.

Do you want to know whether Bumbal also fits your organisation? Just have a look at www.bumbal.eu, call +31(0)13-511444 or send an email to Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu.

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