Bumbal deployed for mobile vaccination teams.

We all hope to be rid of Corona quickly! The light at the end of the tunnel seems to depend especially on vaccination. Of course, this will take place mainly via the GGD (Dutch government health care agency) vaccination locations. But a part of our population cannot go there. Therefore, vaccination also takes place at specific vaccination locations such as nursing homes and even at home. But how are you going to arrange vaccination on location?

Organising vaccination on location

General practitioners and other specialists who are allowed to vaccinate, can organise this themselves. But how is this done efficiently? Where do you find the time to plan all appointments? How do you know for sure that people know you will call? And how do you make sure to drive a logical route? And all this has to be done without spending too much time. Well, Bumbal can do that!

Making arrangements to save time with vaccination on location

Bumbal is software that is very useful for smartly organising appointments, planning and track & trace. Suited to home-delivery, but certainly also for service or care on location or at home. There are several care organisations that already use Bumbal! They structurally deploy Bumbal for smartly and efficiently organising and fine-tuning time appointments at patients’ /customers’ homes. Besides deploying Bumbal structurally, you can also quite well deploy Bumbal in a project-based approach. For instance, for Corona vaccination campaigns in certain cities or regions.

Free demo without obligations

Bumbal can also be deployed in such a way that monitoring also takes place on matters such as limited shelf-life, second vaccination rounds and the maximum utilisation of the number of doses per ampoule. A number of GP groups in West Brabant are already going to use Bumbal in the period to come. For this project-based deployment, Bumbal offers support both when commissioning and also during the project period. So, no complicated, long-time implementations or software that you are subsequently stuck with for a long time. With Bumbal you have a quick made-to-measure start and it is immediately ready to be used. Want to know more? Contact Stijn Vos or Bas Holland +31(0)13-2201600 or request a free demo without obligations.

vaccineren op locatie