Van Vliet opts for a sustainable delivery process with Bumbal

Van Vliet is a specialized wholesaler in the field of wood. They make the best and most sustainable solutions for, for example, fencing, roofs, decking and bridges. Van Vliet only works with wood suppliers from the EU (France, England and the Netherlands) who are responsible for forest management and reforestation. For more information, see www.duurzaamhout.nl. The company partly delivers the wood on location with its own vehicles. They will use Bumbal to further optimize the delivery planning. Just like Bumbal, they are committed to the world and that includes a sustainable delivery process.

Bumbal = Savings

Bumbal’s software contributes to a sustainable delivery process. By making a smart transport planning, Bumbal’s algorithm creates the best, fastest and most efficient route. As a result, fewer kilometers are driven, which results in lower CO2 emissions. Who would not want that? A little less every day means a huge saving at the end of the month! Calculate here what you can save. In addition to kilometers and money, Bumbal also saves you a lot of time. The automation in the planning system ensures a stress-free planner. Making a distributionplanning without stress and being able to assist where necessary.

Sustainable delivery process

Bumbal’s software informs the customer about the planned arrival time. In addition, the expected arrival time on the day of delivery is shared with the customer again. This ensures better customer service and more efficient delivery. Bumbal is hereby linked to AFAS (www.afas.nl). Orders are automatically transferred to Bumbal. After this, they can be optimally planned directly on the available vehicles. The information about the status of the planning can then be automatically fed back to AFAS. In this way, kilometer waste is further prevented and Van Vliet contributes even more to a sustainable world. Everyone happy! Would you like to know more about the Van Vliet case? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu  for extra (online) explanation or a non-binding demo or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form at www.bumbal.eu/contact.

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