Upgrade offline modus Bumbal APP  

Oops.. network?! Nowadays many transport software works online, but what if you suddenly have no internet connection. Panic! Drivers need the internet connection to arrange business. Nothing is more annoying for a driver to have to wait for internet connection before you can continue with the ride. Bumbal has started working on this and has developed a solution for this problem. An upgrade of the offline mode has been incorporated in the latest release of the Bumbal APP.

Trip information always complete, even without network

The upgrade of the Bumbal APP, what does this mean? It can happen that a driver has no internet connection for a while, for several reasons. Previously, all items registered by the driver during an “offline” stop were not stored or not stored properly. This will no longer happen due to the upgrade of the transport software. Even when a driver has no internet connection for a while, all information is still stored. As soon as the driver has network connection again, this information is immediately processed towards the Bumbal account. In this way, the driver does not lose time and can always proceed to the next delivery. The digital trip file is also always complete. In short: you don’t miss anything anymore.

Intelligent transportation software

The development of Bumbal’s transport software never stops. Together with the entire team, we work on the best solution for SMEs. The new upgrade of the offline mode is such a new development and ensures an optimal user experience. If something went wrong during the offline registration, this will be automatically recorded in the APP. The driver can correct this afterwards. Ideal for trips in a less accessible area. Online or offline? You can really rely on Bumbal’s transport software. Want to know more about the offline mode? Please contact the Bumbal support desk: support@bumbal.eu / 013-511444.

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