Bumbal’s Ultimate Delivery Route APP

Many companies still manually schedule delivery. That means for the drivers: 1. with a pile of paper on the way and 2. pay attention to whether they have taken everything with them. Moreover, they have to deliver everything at the right – agreed – time and to the right addresses. Drivers usually determine the route themselves by placing the packing slips in the correct order. In this way it is impossible to keep a close eye on exceptions and specific customer wishes. And planners don’t have an overview, they don’t know which driver is at which location. Making last-minute adjustments along the way is difficult. So a mistake is easily made and the routes driven are anything but efficient. And that is really not necessary anymore!

Clear and efficient delivery with delivery route APP

With Bumbal, the planner can easily and quickly create efficient rides and route order. The driver no longer has to worry about this and only has to deal with driving and neatly delivering the orders. The driver knows exactly when what has to be delivered to which address. And Bumbal takes driving, stopping and rest times into account. The delivery route is therefore always easy to carry out. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, the customer can see this via Track and Trace. The driver shares and registers the necessary information via a drivers APP so that the handling of delivery becomes a lot easier. The options in the APP are, for example:

  • specific address instructions (text fields or even PDF or photo files);
  • registration start and stop times;
  • digital signature customer;
  • making pictures;
  • registration comments/notes;
  • navigation;
  • registration of shortcomings/deviations;
  • registration payments;
  • barcode/QR code scanning;
  • digital packing slip.

Notify customers automatically

The planner always has complete and up-to-date insight into the status of the delivery. Also for the stops that have not yet been performed. Will the items be delivered on time or will the driver be late? In this way, a planner can immediately anticipate and inform customers in advance. Via the delivery route APP you also have the option to provide customers with the current track and trace information. Customers can call up the latest status themselves whenever they want. This way they know exactly when the driver is coming! Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Bumbal? Please contact Bas Holland (T: 013-220600 | E: bas@bumbal.eu) for an (online) explanation or a non-binding demo. Or fill in the contact form.

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