TMS or efficient planning system for SME

A TMS is a Transport Management System, a system that supports companies in organizing and managing transport. A TMS is in most cases used by companies where transport is the core business. For example, carriers or couriers. But sometimes also by companies with their own vehicles, such as wholesalers, retailers or web shops. The most common functions in a TMS are such things as management of stops/customers/addresses, vehicle and driver management, manual trip/route classification, administration, rate management and invoicing. Usually a TMS does not provide drivers APP or automatic scheduling. For this, the TMS is linked to other systems. The more systems, the more error-prone and time-consuming the job.

Is a TMS also suitable for companies with their own transport?

A TMS is an essential system for carriers as it manages and processes important data. Such as rates and the complete administration/invoicing. Other companies such as web shops, retailers and e-tailers that own their own vehicles generally only use that part of a TMS that focuses on management (stops/addresses/vehicles/drivers) and the journey/route layout. Other matters such as administration and invoicing are often processed in an ERP/accounting system. For these companies, a TMS is not the right solution for organizing and executing transport: it is too expensive and too complex. For these companies, the primary need lies in automatic scheduling. That is why Bumbal has developed transportsoftware including automatic planning and an APP for drivers. An efficient all-in-one planning system. Bumbal. Clever by Nature!

Ideal solution for SMEs with an efficient planning system

Bumbal is therefore not a TMS but an efficient planning system. Bumbal has a management and basic administration function for stops/addresses/vehicles/drivers/rides. All kinds of parameters can be easily set here, so that it always matches any specific practical situation. In addition to management and basic administration, you can also automatically plan trips/routes with Bumbal and a drivers APP is integrated for track & trace purposes and stop/trip registration. With Bumbal’s planning system you not only have a complete administration of planning and execution, but you can also directly send a digital packing slip, for example. Bumbal has no overlap with ERP/accounting systems and focuses purely on the smart and easy organization and management of transport.

For companies with their own vehicles, a planning system such as Bumbal is actually better than a TMS. Bumbal is perfectly suited for transporters as a planning system, linked to a TMS or based on manual order entry or order entry via Excel uploads. Also now the Bumbal drivers APP is well suited for transporters. Bumbal can also be used as a planning system if another on-board computer or driver’s APP is used. Would you like to know more about TMS or planning systems? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu  for extra (online) explanation or a non-binding demo or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form at www.bumbal.eu/contact.

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