Discover these 4 handy logistics portals

Nowadays it is common for companies to deliver all orders at home. You can often manually schedule a few deliveries per day. But once the number of orders increases and you need multiple vehicles, this becomes more difficult. After all, you also want to drive the shortest route and inform your customers on time about the delivery time and possible delays. But how? You are looking for a convenient logistics solution. This is easy with Bumbal. The smart logistics route planner for every SME. Bumbal is smart. In this article, we’ll talk about four of the smart portal features in Bumbal for customers and employees.

1. Scheduling automated delivery appointments with your customer

Improve the customer experience and let your customers choose a delivery moment themselves. Invite your customers by email or text message to indicate a preference for the day of delivery or service on location. The customer can only choose from options that Bumbal filters in advance (checks whether they fit well on the route). You can pre-set day-region formats and also specific vehicle characteristics or driver competences. For example, does something need to be installed or mounted that only certain employees can do? Then you can have that included in the filtering. In this way, the software ensures that the right person always delivers the right package to the right customer. After this filtering, the possible options are immediately calculated in the current planning. The customer is only offered options that always fit efficiently into the logistics route planner.

2. Real-time track and trace information

In Bumbal’s ETA portal, you and your customer can see where the delivery is at that moment. As soon as the final planning is ready, you automatically send a message to the customer with the expected arrival time and a link to the ETA portal (track and trace). On the day of delivery, the customer can check the current estimated time of arrival via this link. In this way you keep the customer well informed and the customer always knows what the exact status is. After all, you don’t want the customer to have to stay at home and not knowing when you’ll be there.

3. More insight for companies in the account portal

The account portal is intended for clients who want to be able to enter their activities themselves and who want to monitor their status. So more service for clients and it saves a lot of phone calls. Soon the account portal will be fully integrated into the Bumbal environment. It will then no longer be necessary to go to a separate URL to get into the account portal. In addition, you can now determine the branding of the account portal yourself (logo and color theme). Furthermore, it becomes possible to edit and delete activities in the account portal.

4. Employee portal

Finally, Bumbal has two employee portals. One portal focuses on arranging delivery or service appointments quickly and easily for store staff/sales staff. Sales staff can easily check the delivery options in the current planning via this portal. So whatever the customer chooses, it always fits efficiently into the logistics route planner. The other portal is an employee portal where drivers can enter their availability. Based on this availability, the transport capacity can be determined in Bumbal. Do you want to know more about the Bumbal portals? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu  for extra (online) explanation or a non-binding demo or call 013-2201600.

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