Bedden Briljant goes for efficient planning

Bedden Briljant gets to work with Bumbal’s smart software. The company will use Bumbal for the delivery of box springs, beds and mattresses. Bedden Briljant has both a physical store and a webshop and they experience making efficient planning, arranging appointments for delivery and properly informing customers about the status of their order as an increasingly complex issue. In order to organize this in a smarter way, Bedden Briljant will use Bumbal’s smart software.

Save time, kilometers and paper through efficient planning

Bumbal’s software saves on planning time, more efficient routes are driven and, in this way, kilometers are saved. In addition, less paper is used because there is no need to print ride lists anymore. This can all be found in the APP that comes with Bumbal’s software. The APP is based on a modern technique: React Native. This offers many possibilities and fits better with the operating systems of smartphones and tablets. More about the APP can be found here.

Improved customer experience

Besides the savings on time, kilometers and paper, the customer experience is also further enhanced. Not only because of the automatic track & trace information and, if desired, a digital packing slip, Bumbal also has the option that customers can choose a delivery moment themselves. This can be done in the house style of Bedden Briljant. The software ensures that customers have a choice of delivery times that fit well into the current planning. Bedden Briljant and Bumbal are taking a big step forward, which makes them very happy. And Bedden Brilliant customers too! Do you want to know whether Bumbal is also something for your organization? And how can your company be more sustainable? We would like to show you what Bumbal can do via an (online) demo. Please feel free to contact Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu / 013-2201600.

efficiënte planning