100.000 Bumbal bees at work

Bumblebees and bees stand for a sustainable world. They work together organically and smartly and solve complex transport issues via the so-called traveling salesman principle. Clever! Bumbal is based on this. And because the bees and bumblebees are not doing well, we adopt 1,000 bees for every new customer.

We work together with Het Bijenhuis in Wageningen to adopt a colony of bees. Until recently, this was also the clubhouse of the Dutch Beekeepers Association (NBV). Het Bijenhuis is a specialized shop for beekeepers, provides information and training and is home to more than 1.5 million bees. At this moment Bumbal has adopted 2 bee colonies. In 2025 we want to structurally support at least 10 bee colonies. In practice this means that there are now 2 Bumbal greenhouses in Wageningen where approximately 50,000 Bumbal bees per greenhouse are working hard to collect nectar, pollinate flowers and plants and keep their queen happy. And that makes us happy. In this way we make a concrete contribution to a healthy bee population. And together with our customers we stop wasting kilometres, time and paper.

Are you in? Go Yellow! Adopt a bee colony with Bumbal? Contact Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu

duurzaamheid doelen bumbal