Bumbal. Clever by nature

Of course, our name, logo and pay-off ‘Clever by Nature’ were chosen very consciously. The name Bumbal is a corruption of Bumblebee. Bumblebees and bees stand for a sustainable world. These insects work together organically and very cleverly.

Clever by nature

The special thing is that bumblebees and bees solve complex transport issues using the traveling salesman principle. Clever! Bumbal’s idea and software are based on this traveling salesman principle developed by our smart nature. And we have added extra useful functionalities to this. This means that our tool can be used easily, specifically and particularly quickly.

Stop wasting time, kilometers and paper

We have emphatically opted for a cheerful bumblebee for our logo. Our software makes your work easier. With Bumbal you can plan efficient rides and routes with 1 push of a button. At the same time, you stop wasting time, kilometers and paper. And that makes you happy. And your customers too! Do you also want to be happy? Please feel free to contact us. Call 013-2201600 or send an email to Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu.

clever by nature