Together with the Bumbal Team we continue to develop

The Bumbal team now consists of 29 people and is growing steadily. It is a nice mix of permanent employees (65%) and HBO/WO working students (35%). The team consists largely of technical specialists in the field of mobile (App), frontend (web interface), backend (algorithms) and devops (server and system management). In addition to the technical professionals, we also have support & implementation specialists and marketing/finance/sales professionals at Bumbal. If we look at the ratio between technology, support & implementation and general functions, this comes out at approximately 50%, 35% and 15%. A team we are very proud of!

On to the future!

With this team we have full confidence in the future and we are able to properly offer technical management and support & implementation. In addition, we continue to technically develop and refine our Bumbal solution. We are ready for our current almost 150 Bumbal customers and together we create the best solution. But we are also definitely ready to further realize our goal of at least 500 Bumbal customers by 2025. Because only together can we pursue our mission and achieve our ambition: to stop wasting time, kilometers and paper! About half of the time vans and trucks are still driving empty. And that is inconsistent with the climate goals we stand for. We can do something about that together!

Go Yellow!

Would you like to meet us in person? Or do you want to know more about our ambitions and how you can contribute? The Bumbal partners Stijn, Mortada or Bas are happy to assist you. Feel free to visit our beautiful office in the heart of Tilburg (Nieuwlandstraat 48), close to the central station. Or via an online meeting is of course always possible. Feel free to call or email: 013-2201600/ info@bumbal.eu.

het Bumbal team