TMC wonen uses an effective trip and routeplanner

TMC wonen is the specialist in (customized) furniture, window coverings and floors (including carpet, PVC, parquet and vinyl). They have physical stores in both Zeeland and Brabant. They are also active online at www.tmcwonen.nl. The company has more than 45 years of experience in the residential sector and puts the customer first. TMC takes care of the delivery and assembly of products with its own professionals, so that they can offer the perfect service right up to the customers home of office. TMC wonen has a professional in-house for every specialization. In order to optimize their services, TMC needed a solution that would allow them to better inform customers about the status of the delivery. In addition, they also wanted to organize transport more efficiently.

Bumbal is of course the solution.

An efficient trip- and routeplanner and the best service! Bumbal’s effective trip- and routeplanner gives TMC Wonen the opportunity to easily keep a grip on the planning. From now on, customers of TMC Wonen can choose a suitable time for their order to be delivered or for the installation to be carried out. The options that the customer can choose from are filtered in advance by Bumbal’s smart software and pre-calculated by the planning algorithm in the current planning. Whatever the customer chooses, it always fits efficiently into the planning. This planning algorithm also automatically takes into account specific preconditions such as the competences of the craftsmen. This results in an efficient route and the right professional in the right place. Bumbal also gives the possibility to track vehicles throughout the trips, so that the customer is always aware of the estimated time of arrival of their delivery. Customers receive an ETA message the day before delivery and on the delivery day itself, customers can call up the exact arrival time. The best service for the customer.

Planning tool with link to IOne

Bumbal is seamlessly linked to the home furnishings software iOne from Colijn IT. As a result, TMC no longer has to worry about order entry in Bumbal. “With the implementation of Bumbal, we can unburden our customers even more, while the control over appointments to be planned actually lies more with the customer. At the same time, we are making a quality improvement within TMC with more efficient planning and optimized trips and routes. A success on several fronts!’, says Robert van der Hart, responsible for logistics at TMC Wonen. Do you want to know more about the possibilities? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu for additional explanation or a non-binding (online) demo.

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