The latest trends & developments in transport

There are many trends & developments in the field of transport and delivery. Think of specific customer wishes, sustainability and scarcity of drivers. Trends that are often mentioned are:

  • Flexible Delivery | Flexible delivery is becoming the standard. Customers want options for delivery, not so much always fast (same-day) but especially the free choice when (and where);
  • Address intelligence | More and more information is necessary about matters such as availability – opening hours – specific location characteristics for a first time right delivery without any waste;
  • CO2 neutrality | European countries have agreed to aim for a 55 percent emission reduction by 2030, a first step towards full CO2 neutrality by 2050. One of the ways to achieve this ambitious goal is to reduce van emissions by 50 percent;
  • Zero Emission Urban Distribution (ZES) | 25 Large municipalities in the Netherlands have agreed to keep out fossil fuel freight transport in inner cities from 2025;
  • Electric vehicles (busses/trucks);
  • Drivers shortage | At the beginning of 2023, there were 12,000 driver vacancies at transporters alone. The open driver vacancies of companies with their own vehicles are not yet included here. Working more efficiently is therefore becoming increasingly relevant.

Bumbal delivery system

It’s hard to keep up and the puzzle doesn’t get any easier if you’ve consciously opted for delivery with your own vehicles. And if you have consciously chosen to make a difference in service to customers or to keep a grip on costs. However, with a tool like Bumbal you are already ready for the future. Bumbal has features and settings that help you overcome the above trends:

  • Automatic Appointment Software | The appointments function with which you can let your customers choose the time of delivery. The options from which the customer can choose are filtered in advance by Bumbal and calculated by the planning algorithm in the current planning (= dynamic slot management) up fromt. Whatever the customer chooses, it always fits efficiently into the available trips;
  • Order characteristics | Order/master data characteristics to be set, such as services, time windows, opening hours, driver/mechanic skills, vehicle features, accessibility/vehicle types, etc.;
  • Specific zoning |Specific zoning (for example day-region schedules or environmental zones);
  • Maximum kilometers and/or stops per trip/vehicle (useful for electric vehicles);
  • Smart planning and correct registration of returns;
  • Surveys | Automatic survey option to record specific service wishes or location characteristics of the customer in advance. In the near future the answers can then be automatically converted to relevant planning parameters that influence the planning algorithm;
  • Automatic survey option to register/update master data via the drivers APP address;
  • Substantial savings | The Bumbal planning algorithm ensures that you can save up to 50% in planning time and 25% in kilometers.

Demo or test account? In addition to the above functions and settings, Bumbal is continuously working on specific developments that will become available in the future. Think of a dynamic planning board, dynamic zoning and sharing capacity. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Bumbal? Or do you want a no-obligation online demo or a test account? Please contact Bas Holland via bas@bumbal.eu or 013-2201600 or Or fill in the contact form via www.bumbal.eu/contact.