The largest bee supporter in the Netherlands

Bumbal’s mission is to stop waste. By keeping advanced planning software simple and affordable, efficiently organizing delivery or on-site service with own vehicles is within everyone’s reach. With Bumbal you can organize everything related to transport in an instant. From making a delivery or service appointment with the customer to a digital packing slip. The customer, planner and driver are always aware of the status real time. Completely digital. That saves time, kilometers and paper!

Smarter transport with planning software from Bumbal

Our mission is more relevant than ever. About half of all transport is still empty. Naturally, this has all kinds of explanatory causes, but it is no longer tenable in the direction of a sustainable future. Fifty percent empty also means that we leave fifty percent unused. And that at a time when nature, accessibility and quality of life are under increasing pressure and finding drivers and planners is a major challenge. So this has to be different. Not more, but smarter! And that’s exactly where Bumbal’s planning software can help. Especially now and especially for SMEs.

Commitment to nature

Bumbal is not only committed to the entrepreneur, but also to nature! Bumbal has now adopted 4 beehives where 200,000 bees are hard at work during the season for their queens and nature. They always do this smartly through a naturally built-in algorithm. Clever by nature! We paid a visit to these hard workers last December and they are currently enjoying a well-deserved hibernation. Well, they don’t actually sleep but are in a quiet survival mode to keep the nest warm so they survive the winter. And this survival is exactly why Bumbal supports bees.

Biggest supporter of bees

Bees are crucial for a healthy and strong ecosystem. You can even say: without bees there is no future. Bumbal has the ambition to structurally support at least 500,000 bees in the Netherlands by 2025. But we want more. We want to become the biggest supporter of bees in the Netherlands. Not only by adopting beehives, but also by facilitating information at schools. Or specific promotion of what we can do ourselves to give the bees a helping hand. Do you also want to join? Or do you have ideas about how we can best help bees in the Netherlands? We would like to hear it. Contact us at 013-2201600 or send an email to Bas: bas@bumbal.eu

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