Smart delivery software from Bumbal inspired by bumblebees

New research shows that bumblebees are very smart. We at Bumbal have known this already for a long time. Besides the fact that bees and bumblebees naturally have a built-in traveling salesman algorithm (which our delivery software or transport software also uses) to determine the shortest routes to new nectar locations, it appears that bumblebees can learn socially. Very interesting! Bumblebees can learn how to solve puzzles by watching the tricks of other bumblebees. The insects pass on knowledge to the rest of their colony through social learning. In this way, bumblebees may also be able to pass on other skills to their peers. You can view the research here.

The research

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London let bumblebees try to remove the lid from a puzzle box. The animals could turn the lid by pressing a red or blue button. To open the box, a certain color combination was required. Inside the box was their reward in the form of sugar. Bumblebees that were not taught the combination by scientists could still learn it by looking at an ‘exemplary bumblebee’ that had learned the combination. 98 percent of the bumblebees that had a more experienced congener as an example succeeded in imitating the behaviour. Applause for the bumblebees! The source of inspiration for our smart delivery software!

Bumbal, like the bumblebees, continues to learn

In fact, we also apply this social learning to Bumbal’s smart delivery software. With more than 200 Bumbal users who each have their own logistics operation and apply a certain combination of user settings and master data, we are constantly learning how our algorithms, business ruling and (web and APP) interface can be used even better. In addition to our own research and expertise of our specialists, this is the foundation for continuous learning. It turns out once again that we as humans can learn a lot from nature! So let’s be careful with it. Together with our users, we contribute by preventing waste of empty kilometers and through our bee adoption program with which we support 1.000 bees per customer. Are you in? Call or email Bas Holland for more info: bas@bumbal.eu / 013-2201600.

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