Self-delivery as a strategic choice

Organize your own transport as a strategic choice with delivery software

Do you have a webshop, a wholesale or a store where you offer customers the service to deliver the purchase? Do you deliver the items yourself or do you outsource it to an external transportcompany? If you outsource delivery, the risk of damage or even loss is high. And you don’t know if the driver is as friendly as when you deliver it yourself. However, outsourcing delivery is ‘easy’.

Make your own delivery route for satisfied customers

Because customer satisfaction is paramount at many companies, entrepreneurs increasingly choose to deliver the products themselves and also arrange service on location themselves. That means arranging appointments with the customer and planning routes. A challenging job!

Easily organize logistics with Bumbal delivery software

As an entrepreneur, do you already have your own vehicles for delivery or service on location? Then you know that extra work will be added. Making appointments with customers for a delivery time is time consuming. Planning convenient routes is not easy. And those who go for satisfied customers also want to communicate as well as possible with the customers about the planned appointment for delivery or service. Preferably with track and trace. This is now possible very easily with special delivery software.

Try Bumbal delivery software for free

Struggling to plan trips/routes? Do you spend too much time organizing delivery appointments and informing customers? Or can you not find personnel in this tight market who can organize this logistics job? Then try Bumbal delivery software. Handy, user-friendly and affordable. You can get started right away without complicated implementation. And you can try this now for a month for free and without obligation!

With Bumbal you make your own transport future-proof.
That way it remains a strategic advantage!

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