New employee portal available soon

The regular Bumbal web environment is primarily aimed at planners. Planners can easily make an optimal planning here and monitor the further implementation at a glance. Such as the registrations of the driver via the integrated drivers APP. Other internal employees such as sales and customer service employees can of course also gain access to the planning screen if desired. However, this is not always desirable and not always convenient because of the extensive options in the planning screen. For this reason, Bumbal has developed an employee portal with a separate login. This way it is clear for both planner and other internal employees.

Automatic scheduling of customer appointments

There is an employee portal especially for sellers (on the shop floor) and customer service employees. Via this screen employees have a total overview of orders/stops with all relevant (status) information per stop. Via this screen, the employee immediately has also the option to schedule an appointment with the customer via the automatic appointment planner. Per order/stop you can view the available options for the relevant customer in the current planning at the touch of a button. Bumbal immediately takes into account all other agreements and settings in the current planning, including driving and stopping times. Whichever option the customer chooses, it always fits efficiently into the current planning and is also immediately planned away. The planner can check this further and adjust it if desired (within the applicable customer agreements).

Additional features

The current employee portal is therefore already very useful! But in the new employee portal there are a number of tricks to make it even more user-friendly. For example, think of:

  • complete detailed overview;
  • all files/attachments visible at a glance;
  • insight into (all matters concerning delivery) any order history of a customer;
  • handy quick buttons (for example to schedule an appointment);
  • track & trace status immediately with 1 push of a button all products of an order clearly arranged in a row;
  • possibility to resend messages (appointment invitation / track & trace / digital packing slip) in a simple way.

With the above extra functions, a sales/customer service employee can serve the customer even better without having to call the planner every time. Would you like to know more about the new employee portal? Please contact Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu / 013-2201600.

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