New Bumbal web interface is getting closer

The new Bumbal web interface of the planning system should be released in the middle of this year, but major further developments usually require more lead time than hoped. Fortunately, what’s in the barrel hasn’t soured and we’ve already presented the 2nd BETA release to a group of test users. This will be followed by a final BETA release in May and the first regular release is scheduled for June. As indicated earlier, all Bumbal users can then easily switch between the current and new web interface in their Bumbal account. This will be possible until the end of 2023 anyway. The current web interface will then be phased out from early 2024.

Smart development planning system

The new web interface helps to improve the user-friendliness of the planning system. The major updates are listed below:

  • from 3 screens (activities – planning – track & trace) to 1 screen;
  • extensive filters so that you can better plan according to your own wishes and/or follow a status;
  • more relevant information presented at a glance in a practical way (for example, insight into status, attachments and capacities);
  • more options for personal settings (screen layout for stops – journeys – map).

Great releases that make users happy!

The new web interface is also the foundation for automatically making more real-time information available in the near future. Information about ETA and changes in the planning (including for several planners who work in a planning at the same time). And finally, the new web interface offers more and better possibilities of adding new functions. Think, for example, of an interactive planning board and zone wizard (scenario tool optimal zone division). All in all, we will come up with quite a few great releases in 2023 that will make users happy! Just a little patience.

Do you want to know more about the new Bumbal user interface? Please contact the Bumbal support desk: support@bumbal.eu / 013-2201600. Our professionals are ready to answer your questions and help you with your problem.



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