New Bumbal user interface sneak preview

At Bumbal they continue to develop, test and improve the product. At the moment they are creating a new interface which should improve user-friendliness. An interface where all information about the delivery route is immediately visible. Bumbal’s transport software is the solution that makes it super easy to deliver orders to your home.

Delivery route and more at a glance

The first group of customers has recently become acquainted with this new interface. Based on the very valuable feedback, the Bumbal team started processing this feedback and optimizing the interface. The focus of the developers is on improving the user-friendliness. For those who haven’t had a sneak preview yet, don’t worry. In the near future we will invite more and more users to watch. From mid-juni 2023 it will be possible for all Bumbal users to test the new interface. You can then easily switch between the current and new user interface.

Clear & simple

The dashboard of the new user interface becomes one screen in which activities, routes and the map can be seen at a glance. It is possible to rearrange these three components by dragging them. These components can also be made larger or smaller. In this way, the dashboard can be completely adjusted to your liking. Furthermore, the design of the interface has been adjusted in such a way that more information about the delivery route is immediately available. Examples of such improvements are: showing multiple capacity types within a route, the increased number of visible routes on the map and easily accessible load lines and activity attachments.

Fast and smart navigation

The screen where you create or edit activities/routes will also be improved. In this new design, navigating to the different parts of activities/routes is easier. The redesigned interface makes it possible to scroll through the first tab only to enter general information about the delivery route, address, dates & times, capacities or payment status.

Do you want to know more about the new Bumbal user interface? Please contact the Bumbal support desk: support@bumbal.eu / 013-511444. Bumbal’s specialists are happy to help with all your questions.

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