Much less wasted of time, kilometers and paper in 2021

A new year. New ideas, opportunities and goals. And also the time to look back at the results of the past year. Our goal is to stop wasting time, kilometers and paper. Together with our customers and our smart software, we have again made significant savings in 2021.

The results: much less waste in 2021

In 2021, the 140 Bumbal users together will have wasted less time, kilometers and paper. In total, Bumbal now has 140 users. Together, the users use almost 1,150 vehicles on average. By using Bumbal, they jointly saved considerable. The result in 2021 was:

  • 55,000 hours less planning time
  • 3.5 million fewer kilometers
  • 3 million fewer A4 pages

In this way they saved more than 1,000 tons of CO2, which amounts to approximately 50,000 trees. Our impact together is getting bigger and bigger! In 2021 we have saved almost 60% more compared to 2020. We are happy to continue this trend.

On to 200,000 hours less planning time, 10 million fewer kilometers and 10 million fewer A4 sheets in 2025.

Bumbal adopts bee colony

Bumbal has nearly 150 users of their smart software. And then we’re going to adopt a 3rd colony of bees to fulfill our promise of 1,000 adopted bees per Bumbal user. With the adaptation of a third bee colony, Bumbal supports no fewer than 150,000 bees. That’s starting to look like something! As a company with its own vehicles, do you also want to handle your transport and delivery in a smart and sustainable way? Contact us to see what Bumbal can do for your organization.

minder verspilling van tijd kilometers en papier