More info for driver in the Bumbal APP

The Bumbal APP has been developed to provide drivers even with information about transport planning. The application is designed with the technique: React Native. This technology offers many possibilities and ensures that we can always improve the APP. A new functionality will soon be added to the APP that will make the driver’s work even more user-friendly.

Now also: current arrival time

The drivers APP provides all kinds of information for the drivers about the transport planning. This concerns information such as address, specific instructions, navigation function and planned arrival time of a stop. In addition, the Bumbal APP provides information about the products/service to be delivered (or picked up). In the upcoming APP release of Bumbal, the last expected arrival time (in addition to scheduled arrival time) is also available for the driver. This can then be seen in the route overview for each stop. In this way, the driver can see at a glance whether he/she is still on schedule. A handy addition to the planning software! Previously, it was only available to the planner and the customer. Bumbal is the smart planning software solution for making appointments, planning and track & trace.

Vehicle capacity information

In addition to the actual arrival time, another development has also been made in the new release of the Bumbal APP. Soon, the available current capacity of the vehicle will also be shown at the stop level. If you, as a Bumbal user, use capacity characteristics (such as pallets or boxes or weight or volume or …) in the automatic planning system, this information will soon also be available to the driver. In this way, the driver can easily determine whether what has to be loaded unexpectedly (back) at an address will fit in the vehicle.

If you want to know more about the extra functionality and capacity info in the drivers APP, please contact the Bumbal support desk: support@bumbal.eu / 013-511444. You can contact us for all your questions!

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