Loading list function in the Bumbal drivers APP

The Bumbal drivers APP is already available within the basic subscription and is indispensable for every driver who drives a delivery route. Soon the new version of the Bumbal drivers APP will be launched. As stated in previous news items, the new release will include integrated navigation and handles ETA updates for the driver even more accurate.

Improved drivers APP

In the upcoming updated version of the APP it will be possible to view loading lists. At start/end trip and depot activities, all orderlines (package lines) of a route will be visible.  The load lines of the last activity of the route are shown first so that the products for the last stop are loaded first. The loading list is especially useful for giving the driver insight into which products need to be loaded, whereby the loading lines can also be “checked in” via the integrated barcode scanner. This way the driver will never forget anything!

Fewer planning hours, more efficiency

In addition to the Bumbal drivers APP, Bumbal offers even more handy and smart software to create the best route planning. Bumbal makes it possible to quickly, easily and digitally make a planning for multiple vehicles for several days. Fewer planning hours are made, but the trips are planned more efficiently and smarter. This saves you time, kilometers and paper. In addition to the intelligent planning software, the platform also offers an automatic appointment planner and track and trace software. Create the perfect delivery with the affordable software for every SME! Do you want to know more about the loading list in the Bumbal drivers APP? Please contact the Bumbal support desk: support@bumbal.eu / 013-511444.

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