Heuver started with Bumbal |Easily create delivery and collection routes

Heuver is a total supplier of tires and rims for trucks, agricultural and earth-moving vehicles. They supply new tyres, used tyres, rims, valve parts and inner tubes. If desired, with a full service such as tailor-made advice and assembly on location. For more information, see also www.heuver.nl. Heuver supplies the tires with its own vehicles within the Benelux and partly in Germany. The company was looking for a suitable planning program to easily and quickly create a delivery- and collection route, but also to transport even more efficiently. Bumbal’s software fits in perfectly with that.

Quickly create delivery route

Orders from Heuver are automatically transferred from Microsoft Dynamics 365 via Transsmart to Bumbal, where the planning algorithm then automatically compiles the optimal planning. This takes into account the number of tires to be delivered or collected, delivery date, time windows, driving times, stop duration, drivers’ regions and other relevant parameters. The planner can always easily adjust the delivery/collection route himself, so the planner remains in control of the planning. The handy thing about Bumbal is that Heuver has a much better grasp of capacity planning in particular. Especially the challenge of whether collecting tires still fits well at a certain point in the trip. You can make the best and smartest delivery/collection route with Bumbal!

Durable and clear

In addition to delivery planning, Heuver also uses the Bumbal drivers APP so that the drivers know exactly what to do. And this without wasting paper. Durable! It is also possible to sign off via the APP and track & trace can also be offered to customers as an extra service. In this way, customers are always aware of delivery developments. The track & trace software that Bumbal offers provides a better customer experience, resulting in positive experiences.

Why does Heuver choose Bumbal?

Sustainability is a spearhead within Heuver, for example, they have 3,100 solar panels on the roof of the head office. Also in the field of transport, they want to be able to deliver tires and collect used tires with as little waste as possible. Bumbal’s efficient planning software stops waste in unnecessary kilometers and therefore fits very well with Heuver’s corporate personality. Read more about sustainability at Bumbal. All in all, Bumbal contributes to sustainability at Heuver, more service to customers and hassle-free planning.

Who would not want that? Would you like to know more about the Heuver case? Please contact Stijn – stijn@bumbal.eu for additional (online) explanation or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form at www.bumbal.eu/contact.

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